• Gina has such a wonderful way of connecting with others! She’s gifted in helping people tap into themselves so they can heal and truly live the life of their dreams. Thank you for all that you do Gina!! 🙏🏾” Tiffany 2022
  • “I’m looking for the “Highly” button on the recommendation options… Gina is a keeper of the sacred space. Her compassion and the sanctity in which she holds the space is nothing short of miraculous! 👏”Michael 2022
  • “Gina is on purpose, genuine and a delight to talk to and work with—and has a unique and valuable service. I highly recommend her!” Brenda 2021
  • “I went to the Wellness Group meeting on Thursday. Gina taught “Reconnect Your Heart’s Voice and TURN UP the Volume.” It was super amazing to slow down, sit quiet, and deepen into the heart, explore its voice, have compassion and relief in its true. Thank you, Gina, for this wonderful opportunity for a breakthrough. ” Nadya 2022
  • Gina has a gift 💝 of the heart and a way with words to gently share information for our healing! It’s so exciting that she brings the « The Energy of Secrets » to schools! Imagine if you had healed your secrets when you were a child, how would your life have been different? 🦋💫🦋 I highly recommend her:)” Christine 2022
  • “We have to look beyond traditional methods of healing and Gina’s techniques appears to do just that…” Antonio 2022
  • “I spent some time with Gina today. I can honestly say she has shown me the missing link. Trauma has haunted me for 20 years. Gina showed me how to get over the next hurdle. It was a cliff with a wall at the top, now it is just a jump. Thank you so much Gina. THANK YOU!”  Beverly 2021
  • “Gina is an amazing healer. Her kindness and compassion along with her amazing insights offer reflections in ways of seeing myself that I never otherwise would. Ways that offer me more confidence and the knowledge that I actually do have my own back. ”  Becca 2021
  • “Gina is one of the most compassionate, full hearted, deeply intuitive people that I know. The gifts and insights that she brings from the Divine and Astral realms always blow me away. She is kind, gentle, caring beyond belief AND has a wicked sense of humor to boot! If you want to feel held, safe and seen by someone who channels like an ancient oracle, Gina is the one for you! ” Rebecca  2021
  • “Gina created a wonderful space for me to process my father’s death. She is an amazing practitioner with the gift of listening and knowing the perfect words or energy to provide at the perfect time. Time and time again I have returned to her for help processing everyday life. Highly recommend if you are ready to do deep work and make significant changes in your life.”- S (Inland Empire) 2016
  • Gina is one of the kindest human beings I know.  She truly cares about each client and wants the best for them.  With strong knowledge and a gentle heart she guides you through difficult transitions bringing awareness to places that we may tend to have gotten lost in before.  Her ability to hold safe emotional space is imperative to the work she provides and what makes inner growth possible and comfortable.”( Los Angeles) 2018
  • “Writing this makes me want another session.My experience with Gina was amazing. She has such a natural ability to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. I was hesitant about the Reiki method having never done it before but after my session with Gina, I could not believe a “no touch” massage could be such a stress reliever. I went to bed that night and had possibly the deepest rest ever. I woke up with my head at the foot of the bed!At one point during the massage, it felt like the side of my uterus was on fire . After the massage was over without having told Gina what I felt, she said she felt extreme hot spots in the area I had felt pain; suggesting some kind of blockage. Just that day, I had had an early miscarriage – I believe she could feel the energy and trauma of what my body had experienced. I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it. That night, I had the most restful and healing sleep that I can remember. I sincerely recommend Gina to anyone needing help reducing stress, tension or trying to heal from any trauma.”  Kristina (Claremont, CA) 2014
  • Gina guided me with great skill and compassion. It was the first time in years that I found myself exploring and experiencing “new” places and people on my healing journey with her. What a gift she has given me!”  ~Ann O’Quinn, Huna Healer  2016
  • “With chronic back pain, I traveled many recovery roads.  -Anything to mask the pain and lead me to a functioning lifestyle.  After over a year of daily advil intake and nightly ice packs, I decided to seek out alternative methods.  Gina introduced me to Reiki therapy and suggested I set up a session with her.  Walking into her space was so tranquil, I immediately felt like I was in a spa atmosphere.  Gina was kind and professional and made me feel very at ease.  The session was so relaxing and helpful.  She enabled me to visualize a healthy life for myself, free from pain and limitations.  With Gina’s art therapy, I gained a strong visual that helped me harness this healthy lifestyle.  Since then, with the help of this shift and yoga, I have managed to drastically reduce my pain.  I no longer take advil and rarely use an icepack.  Gina is a phenomenal therapist who cares deeply for her patients.  I highly recommend her services.”-Michelle  (Claremont, CA 2015)
  • “I was only able to experience a single stand-alone treatment, as we are not from the area, but I could see how ongoing treatments from Gina would be beneficial in addressing both physical and emotional pain. I had never tried energy healing before, and was amazed at one point to realize that she wasn’t actually touching me. I felt warmth and touch, and upon opening my eyes was shocked to see her hand about 12 inches away from my body. It is difficult to believe without experiencing it, but Gina is truly able to create transformation through the movement of energy in your body. She creates a very welcoming, peaceful environment, and I highly recommend!”  Lori (Mt Prospect, IL) 2016

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  1. Gina is an amazingly skilled practitioner! She helped me work through a very old injury that I now realize had never healed completely. She helped me to understand that although the physical injury had been repaired, the emotional and energy damage remained. I did not believe that working through those elements could make a difference, but it was transformative. Not only did Gina help relieve my pain and discomfort in the session, she gave me tools for addressing any future symptoms. Even if you do believe in energy healing, I encourage you to try a session with Gina. She is truly remarkable! -Chris

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