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What Are Secrets?
How do Secrets effect us?
What choices do we have?
Can I get help without telling the specific details?

Gina Nelson

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Why talk about secrets?

No one glides through life without harboring fear, disappointment, sadness, regret, secrets of our own or secrets we have been asked by others to hold.

How many people do we know that live with the energy of these secrets for decades pulling on their heart strings and sense of peace even as they are dying?

What if we could learn to navigate secrets and use these tools throughout our lives?

Explore the possibilities without having to disclose any thoughts or secrets.

Learn tools to take care of our bodies and minds and maintain a sense of wholeness and worthiness in our lives no matter what we carry and face.

In this introductory 1 hr workshop, we will explore how secrets effect our energy field, create blocks in our system and take up room in our lives and psyche that could otherwise be used for joy, dream- making and thriving rather than surviving.   

The Energy of Secrets Workshop Registration

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“I didn’t know I had any choices. I can decide how to explore and understand my private secrets without the fear now.”

Josie, Claremont, CA

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